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The Dawn of Peace (Etherya's Earth Prequel #0.5)

The Dawn of Peace (Etherya's Earth Prequel #0.5)

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  • 🎧Narrated by Zachary Zaba

    Run Time: 2h 49min

Main Tropes

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Forced Proximity
  • Only One Bed
  • Paranormal Romance


From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner

Before the end of hatred, there was the dawn of peace…

Two immortals from warring species save each other’s lives as the conflict rages on.

Alrec, the hulking Vampyre warrior, spares her first.

Years later, Kilani, the fierce, uncompromising Slayer, returns the favor.

Stuck in her remote cabin, their bond grows as Kilani warily nurses her injured Vampyre, determined to deny her growing desire for the man with deep, knowing eyes and mesmerizing fangs.

And, of course, there’s only one bed…

The sizzling prequel to the Etherya’s Earth paranormal romance saga


Alrec, son of Vampyre soldier Jakar, crested the hill that overlooked the massive Slayer mansion. Lights burned brightly inside as Slayer aristocrats held the fundraiser to finance the War of the Species.
“The troops are ready to advance, sir,” Takel’s deep baritone droned beside him. He was an excellent warrior, and Alrec was thankful to have him as his first-in-command.
“Good,” Alrec said, scanning the open field and the mansion beyond. “I’m frustrated we’re here again so soon, but King Marsias’s suicide decree leaves us no choice.” The stubborn ruler had commanded any Slayer who was abducted to end his life rather than survive in the dungeon and become food for Vampyres. Ten of the Slayer men abducted in the last raid had somehow secured a toothpick—most likely carelessly tossed on the floor by one of the Vampyre dungeon guards—and they’d used it to fulfill King Marsias’s decree.
Sighing, Alrec ran a hand over his face. So much death in the endless war the Vampyres fought with the Slayers. How long could they go on like this?
“Alrec?” Takel asked.
Dragging himself out of the morose thoughts, he pulled the sword from the hilt on his waist and held it high. “Secure ten Slayer men and then retreat,” he called to his battalion. “I have no wish to drag out this raid.”
The men chimed a united, “Yes, sir!” behind him before he shook his sword and yelled, “Charge!”
Adrenaline rushed through his veins as he surged down the hill, crossing the meadow as his boots crunched the grass below. His battalion of twenty Vampyres followed close behind, ready to fulfill their duty.
Suddenly, a flash of golden hair caught his eye under the silver moonlight, and Alrec’s breath lodged in his throat. A Slayer woman stood tall, sword in hand, as her kinsmen scurried behind her, fleeing like ants toward the safety of the bunkers below the home.
“I will confront the female!” Alrec yelled to his men, indicating they should continue past him toward the mansion. “Seize the Slayer men and retreat quickly!”
The soldiers charged forward, scurrying toward the back entrance of the mansion as Alrec approached the woman. As he drew near, he noticed the flowing red gown clinging to her frame as she lifted the sword. Both hands clenched the hilt, her azure eyes glowing under the darkened sky, and Alrec felt his heart clank in his chest.
She was magnificent.
Regaining his wits, he trudged toward her, hoping she would recognize the futility of fighting him. As he drew closer, their height and weight discrepancy became clear. He towered over her by at least a foot, and his muscled body outweighed her by several stone.
“Lower your sword, little one,” he called, surprised by the protective swell in his voice. “I have no wish to harm you.”
“Little one, my ass,” she responded, teeth clenched as she lifted the sword higher. “I’ll be damned if you abduct my people without putting up a fight.”
Halting when he was close enough to strike, he planted his feet and slowly lifted his hand, showing her his palm. “I don’t want to fight you. I can kill you in seconds. Is that really what you wish?”
Midnight blue eyes roved over his features. “I would rather die a noble death defending my fellow Slayers than let you abduct us without a fight.” Aiming the tip of her sword toward him, she crouched. “Come on, Vampyre,” she sneered, her tone full of malice. “Let’s see how tough you are when you’re against a Slayer with the temerity to fight back!” She charged until he had no choice but to defend himself.
The steel of their blades crashed together, the clanking sound ominous against the cries and shrills of war in the background. The Slayer was quick, her movements deft, and a surge of elation jolted down his spine. Alrec relished being a warrior, and there was nothing more thrilling than a worthy opponent.
He thrust his sword through the air, connecting with hers every few seconds before retreating and trying a different angle. The vexing woman seemed to anticipate his every move, and he realized her training was vast.
“Who trained you?” he gritted, pressing his sword to hers as the weapons crossed between their bodies. “You are exceptional.”

Stuck in a remote cabin, two enemies form a wary truce. Can Vampyre Alrec resist the gorgeous, forbidden Slayer?

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