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Two Souls United (Etherya's Earth #5.5)

Two Souls United (Etherya's Earth #5.5)

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  • 🎧Narrated by Devon Wilcox

    Run Time: 2h 28min

Main Tropes

  • Reverse Age Gap
  • Widowed Heroine
  • Wounded Hero
  • Paranormal Romance


From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner

Book #5.5 in the Etherya’s Earth Series

Two of the most beloved characters in the series find their happy ever after in this sweet, steamy novella…

Sam, uncle to Jack, whose strength and bravery are only matched by his kindness and compassion.

Glarys, the feisty, caring estate manager who puts everyone else first.

Two souls who aren’t searching for love but might still find it nevertheless.

Enjoy your time in Etherya’s Earth!

Intro Into Chapter 1

Sam, son of Raythor, sat in the uncomfortable chair waiting for Lila to walk down the aisle. The sun was high in the clear blue sky, and he closed his eyes, inhaling the fragrant air. Vampyres had only regained the ability to walk in the sun weeks ago. For a thousand years, they’d been cursed by the goddess Etherya to live in darkness, a punishment for their role in the War of the Species with the Slayers. Now that the war had ended and Vampyre King Sathan and Slayer Queen Miranda were married, the goddess had finally rescinded the curse. So thankful to feel the warmth on his skin, Sam basked in the glorious rays.
“Isn’t it magnificent?” a melodic voice asked beside him.
Lifting his lids, he smiled at Glarys. The house manager for the sprawling Vampyre royal estate at Astaria was a lovely woman, and he was happy he’d found a seat next to her at the wedding. He’d met her a few times when he’d come to eat dinner at the estate, and the food she prepared was heavenly. Although Vampyres relied on Slayer blood for sustenance, Sam had always enjoyed food and had never tasted anything like Glarys’s succulent dishes.
“Amazing,” he said, smiling. “I’d almost given up hope.”
“For some reason, I never did. Somehow, I knew our people would find a way to end the war. After that, I was sure Etherya would let us walk in the sun again.”
“I admire your optimism.”
Light blue eyes sparkled as she grinned up at him. “I’ve always been pretty optimistic. It seems like a waste to be otherwise, right?”
Giving a nod, he said, “It sure does. Life should be lived to the fullest and all that jazz.”
“Exactly.” The tips of her fangs rested upon her bottom lip as she beamed up at him, and Sam felt a tiny jolt as his heartbeat quickened. Realization swept over him as he envisioned her scraping the tiny points over the vein at his neck…and then piercing the skin as she drank from him.
Processing his attraction to the kindhearted adopted family member of the Vampyre royals, Sam let the sentiment settle in. He certainly didn’t expect to feel desire for her, but his body’s reaction was undeniable.
Lila chose that moment to walk down the aisle, saving Sam from further analysis. As the ceremony progressed, the stub of his arm tingled as if it wanted to reach for her.
Sam had lost his arm in the Awakening but still felt the limb’s presence on occasion. Nolan, the physician at Astaria, called it “phantom arm” and informed Sam he would most likely feel the sensation indefinitely. It was a stark reminder that he’d never quite be whole.
Glancing down at Glarys, he wondered if the sight of the missing limb bothered her. She simply grinned up at him, giving him a wink as Latimus and Lila exchanged their vows, and his throat tightened. She was so pretty, her cheekbones slightly reddened from the sun, and Sam reveled in the moment.
For the first time in so very long, Sam was attracted to a woman. Embracing the feeling, he settled into the chair to watch the ceremony.

Two beloved characters find their happy ever after.

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