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Etherya's Earth Romantasy Signed Book Bundle

Etherya's Earth Romantasy Signed Book Bundle

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Get All 13 Signed Books AND the Adult Coloring Book From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner and SAVE by purchasing in bulk! 

All books in the bundle are signed by the author and come with free swag, stickers and other goodies!❤️ 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "If you love smokin' hot paranormal romance, this series is for you!" -Reviewer

Please note: These books are🔥Steamy Fantasy Romance! Start the sizzling USA Today bestselling enemies-to-lovers series today! Signed books included in this bundle:

The Dawn of Peace - Can Vampyre Alrec resist the gorgeous, forbidden Slayer? Sworn enemies are stuck in a remote cabin and vow to deny their sizzling desire. 

The End of Hatred - Slayer Princess Miranda must align with her greatest enemy--the Vampyre who hunts her people for their life-sustaining blood. She's vowed to hate him, but secretly longs to feel his fangs scrape against her neck…

The Elusive Sun - Latimus longs for Lila--the woman who was betrothed to his brother for a thousand years. Now that Sathan has married another, can Lila forgive him for their treacherous past?

The Darkness Within - Antihero Darkrip doesn't deserve or crave love. So why can't he stop thinking about the sassy Vampyre princess who drives him mad with desire?

The Reluctant Savior - Evie is an immortal ravaged by hurt and pain. She vows never to love another, but desires the Slayer commander with fierce yearning. Striking a deal to enter into a no-strings affair sounds easy, but will she lose her heart to the strong, soulful warrior?

Immortal Beginnings - Dragos was a soldier in the army that defeated Raina's husband--and ultimately caused his death. He knows he doesn't deserve the gorgeous widow, but his heart secretly longs to seduce her...

The Impassioned Choice - Immortal Vampyre Heden strikes a bargain with feisty human Sofia. But when their relationship turns from friendship to love, how will they find their happy ending when only one of them is promised immortality?

Two Souls United - Widow Glarys gave up on love. Older women didn't fall for younger men, no matter how her heart fluttered when warrior Sam was near. But Sam is determined to claim the widow in every possible way...

The Cryptic Prophecy - Vampyre soldier Brecken guards Callie, silently yearning for her as she prepares for her wedding. When her engagement falls apart, Brecken is there to clean up the pieces, but Callie must fulfill her fated prophecy, and the future of Etherya's Earth rests on her shoulders--whether she's ready or not.

Garridan's Mate - Garridan craves Vampyre warrior Siora more than his next breath, but she thinks he desires another. When they're ordered to train together, they give in to their raging desire. Will Siora accept her future as his mate or succumb to her fears?

The Diplomatic Heir - Vampyre heir Tordor has never touched a woman, wishing to wait until he met his mate. Elven princess Esme bursts into his life, determined to deny their blazing attraction. But Tordor knows the truth, and forges ahead to claim her in all the ways they both deserve...

Sebastian's Fate - Vampyre aristocrate Celine has loved Sebastian for centuries. Frustrated at his oblivion, she maneuvers a way to accompany him to a masked ball. When he falls for her ruse, she must tell him the truth. Will he accept that she's the masked woman who stirred his soulful desire? 

The Solitary Protector - Grumpy Vampyre Leo vows to protect Adelyn on her treacherous journey--but can he shield himself from the sizzling desire that burns for the spirited Slayer?

Etherya's Earth Adult Coloring Book - Relax and color in this adult coloring book with some of your favorite scenes from the Etherya's Earth series! Yes, there are some steamy scenes that are definitely NSFW! Happy coloring!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The best vampire romance series I’ve read in years!" – BookBub Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I'm in love with Alrec and Sathan. Best book boyfriends ever!" – BookBub Reviewer

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