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Repressed Echoes (The Sendaxa Chronicles #1)

Repressed Echoes (The Sendaxa Chronicles #1)

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Main Tropes

  • Dystopian Romantic Suspense
  • STEM Heroine
  • Steamy Romance


From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner

She’s determined to save the world…even if she doesn’t remember it.

World-renowned geneticist Danica Lawson woke up to a world that had been destroyed—by her own hand. She has no recollection of the downfall of society but is determined to repair the damage.

Moreover, the first face she sees is one that’s eerily familiar—and undeniably handsome—even if she doesn’t recognize the sexy soldier with the deep, soothing voice.

As Dani struggles to reverse the destruction, she realizes sinister forces are at play. For, a malevolent threat is sweeping through their dystopian world, and the window to defeat it narrows each day its reign strengthens…

If you love dystopian stories with steamy romance, STEM heroines, sexy silver-fox heroes and a race to save the world, this is your jam! Start the trilogy today!

Intro Into Chapter 1

Sometime in the not-so-distant future…

Dr. Danica Lawson’s eyes flew open, darting to each corner of the dim room. The only sounds that marred the silence were her soft, labored pants and the pounding heartbeat that infiltrated her inner eardrums. Touching her tongue to the dry roof of her mouth, she tried to swallow, but her throat failed to bob. A soft whimper escaped her lips, and she placed her palm flat on the bed, attempting to push into a sitting position.
Pain seared her side and she gasped, collapsing on the mattress as her fingers found the wound. A thick bandage covered the tender skin, and she wondered how she’d sustained the injury.
Closing her eyes, she took a moment to center herself.
You can do this, Dani. Try to remember.
Cobwebs clouded her brain, obstructing any semblance of rational thought. Her pupils roved under closed lids, searching the darkness for a trace of where she was…how she’d been injured…and how she’d ended up in a strange bed in a dark room.
Obscure shadows were her only answer, and she struggled with the realization she needed to run. Lifting her lids, she hastily scanned the room. Whoever had placed her here wasn’t present, but they could return any moment.
Now was the time to break free.
Sucking in a breath, she palmed her side, holding the bandage tight, and maneuvered into a sitting position. Glancing down, she noticed the thin shorts and tank top that covered her frame. Black sneakers sat at the foot of the nearby nightstand, and she grabbed them, tugging them on under the small shaft of light that filtered through the curtains of the lone window in the room. Once the shoes were tied, she gradually rose to her feet, placing a hand on her head as the room began to spin.
“Come on, Dani,” she whispered, lowering her hand and straightening her spine. “Let’s go.”
Gritting her teeth, she began to push forward—one foot then the other—inching toward the door. Her shaking fingers gripped the knob and turned. Ever so gently, she eased the door open, relieved to find an empty hallway. Gathering her courage, she stepped across the threshold.
A muscled arm snaked across her line of view, causing her to flinch as she drew back. The hand attached to the sinewy arm landed flat on the nearby wall as a warm body pressed into her uninjured side. Closing her eyes, she balled her fist, ready to strike.

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