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Signed Steamy Time Travel Romance Bundle

Signed Steamy Time Travel Romance Bundle

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Perfect for fans of TV's Timeless or Netflix's Dark (with a side of smokin' hot romance!🔥). The complete trilogy signed by the author (includes FREE Swag!).

Tropes include: STEM FMCs, enemies to lovers, age gap and more!

From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner

One woman bred to save the world. Can her team of scientists and soldiers prevail as they find love along the way?

📚Book 1: A Paradox of Fates

Dr. Elaine "Lainey" Randolph must solve time travel to prevent the past. Can she trust the handsome solider who offers protection?

📚Book 2: A Destiny Reborn

Lost in a timeline that was never theirs… Can two stranded souls save the world while denying their burgeoning attraction?

📚Book 3: A Timeline Restored

Enemies must align to defeat the New Establishment but can Alora truly forgive Eli for the sins of his past?

Join the ragtag team of time travelers as they endeavor to save the world! Perfect for lovers of sci-fi and paranormal romance, time travel and romantic suspense!

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