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The Solitary Protector (Etherya's Earth #8)

The Solitary Protector (Etherya's Earth #8)

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Main Tropes

  • Grumpy-Sunshine
  • Forced Proximity
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Paranormal Romance


From USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner

A woman determined to discover her past…

Adelyn, daughter of Lila and Latimus, has never felt quite whole. Although she loves her parents immensely, the origin of her lavender irises always remained a mystery. When she overhears rumors of a secret species of immortal who share the rare trait, she’s compelled to journey into treacherous territory to find them.

A man destined to protect her…

Leo, son of Kilani and Alrec, prefers solitude rather than the misery and exclusion he experienced in the immortal realm. When a gorgeous Slayer shows up at his remote cabin, he yearns to protect her, even if the stubborn woman drives him mad.

A perilous journey…

Incensed by the grumpy Vampyre, Adelyn vows to leave him behind. But the obstinate man insists on protecting her, and each day they forge ahead, she wonders if her heart might need the most protection of all…

Grumpy-sunshine, forced proximity romance lovers—this one’s for you! For everyone who enjoyed The Dawn of Peace, Kilani and Alrec are back as their son experiences his own love story! Enjoy and happy reading! Content information can be found on the author’s website.


Something twinkled through the dim, gray air, and Adelyn whipped her head, eyes narrowing as she studied it. Was it…a fire? If so, it was a hell of a lot closer than the caves. Deciding to call an audible, she pivoted and walked toward the fire, knowing that if it burned, whoever started it must have shelter.
As she neared the glowing embers, she realized they shone from a fireplace inside a small cabin. Was it Alrec’s cabin? He was the only immortal she knew who lived this far off the grid.
She gingerly approached the cabin, stopping to pull the mini eight-shooter her father had given her for her eighteenth birthday from her bag.
“Better safe than sorry, Addie. But keep it hidden just in case.”
Checking that the safety was on, she tucked it in her waistband beneath her coat and carried on.
When she reached the porch, she slowly climbed the two wooden stairs before coming to a thick door. Forming a fist, she knocked—softly as first, but soon she began pounding when no one answered. Frustrated, she reached for the handle, expecting it to be locked. Turing it, she inhaled sharply when it slid open.
Stepping inside, she called, “Hello!”
Silence greeted her, along with the warm fire she’d spotted. Pleasure shot through her as the heat brushed her skin. Removing her pack, she set it on the floor and slid off her coat. Rushing toward the fire, she opened her palms, soaking in the heat as she sighed.
“Ohmygod…thank you, Etherya.” Rubbing her hands together, she closed her eyes, engulfed in bliss at finally exiting the cold rain.
Suddenly, a loud thunk rang in her ears and she gasped, turning to find a huge beast of a man standing in the doorway. His face was covered with a thick, shaggy beard under an outdoor cap. Narrow azure eyes shot daggers through her as he grunted. Fear coiled in Adelyn’s chest as she noticed the wood at his feet, which must’ve caused the banging noise when he dropped it on the floor.
“What in the hell are you doing in my home?” he asked, his voice deep and gravelly, as if his windpipe was comprised of rocks.
Lifting her chin, she placed her hand over the hidden eight-shooter at her belt. Gathering her courage, she spoke with confidence, although her knees were shaking with fear.
“I am Adelyn, daughter of Commander Latimus and Kingdom Secretary Diplomat Lila, and I was trapped in the storm. I saw your fire and needed shelter.”
Thick nostrils flared as he gazed at her, his stare so pointed she felt like a bug on the wrong side of a magnifying glass. The beast grunted again—the sound ominous in the small room—before taking wide steps toward her. Straightening her spine, she pulled the eight-shooter from her belt.
“I’m armed!” she cried as the man kept advancing. He approached until only inches separated them. Cocking one of his hairy eyebrows, he pushed his broad pec into the barrel of her weapon, a challenge in his eyes.
Struggling to breathe, Adelyn stood firm, unable to shoot a man in cold blood.
With a frustrated growl, he lowered and picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder as she yelped. Pounding his back with her fists as he carried her across the room, she tried like hell to maim him, but it was no use.
When he reached the door, he roughly plopped her on her feet. Adelyn’s boots hit the wet wood of the porch as she straightened and pushed her unruly hair from her head. “How dare you! My father will have you arrested for this—”
“I don’t give a damn who your father is.”
Sputtering at his rudeness, she stomped her foot. “I demand to know your name, you…you brute!”
A harsh laugh escaped his throat. Leaning closer, the rasp of his voice surrounded her, causing the hairs on her arms to stand.
“I am Leonidas, son of Kilani and Alrec.” He gripped the door and backed farther into the cabin. “And you are trespassing.”
Shooting her one last hateful glare, the infuriating man slammed the door in Adelyn’s face.

A woman determined to discover her past... A man destined to protect her.

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