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The Ultimate Steamy Contemporary Romance Book Bundle

The Ultimate Steamy Contemporary Romance Book Bundle

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Get All 9 Books From USA Today bestselling author Ayla Asher for 40% off the price at the other book distributors. 

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Ayla Asher writes believable characters with a side of smokin' hot steam!" -Reviewer

Please note: These books are🔥Steamy Contemporary Romance! Start the sizzling series today! (Ayla Asher is the contemporary romance pen name for USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner)

His Holiday Pact - Who knew a fake relationship could be so fun? But can Kayla protect her heart from the player of the century?

Her Valentine Surprise - Sam has a secret he holds close to his heart -- he's still a virgin! Joy is determined to discover his secret and give them both a Valentine's Day to remember.

Her Patriotic Prince - It was only supposed to be one night. Years later, Adam returns to find Laura has a daughter who shares his ice-blue eyes. Can two former lovers create their second chance or will fear stop their flame before it barely begins to burn?

Hearts Reclaimed - Ashlyn rolls into town and knocks grumpy widower Scott's socks off. Neither are looking for love, but they just might find it in Ardor Creek! A sizzling small-town romance!

Illusions Unveiled - Years ago, Peter left left the only woman he would ever love behind in Ardor Creek -- the small town he detested. Now, he's back and she needs his help. Can they overcome the pain of their past or will old wounds destroy their fragile connection?

Desires Uncovered - Mark and Teresa enter into a fake engagement to save his fledgling campaign. Soon, the relationship seems all too real. Can two fiercely independent souls find true love?

Resolutions Embraced - Abby returns to Ardor Creek, determined to beat her former bully in the mayoral election. Chad loves his job as mayor, but as he competes against the woman he never forgot, he realizes he might not only lose the election...but he might lose his heart to his stubborn, gorgeous opponent!

Passions Fulfilled - Police Officer Gary has loved single mom Justine for years. He protected her against her ex-husband, and vows to continue protecting her and her daughter, even if he doesn't deserve her. Justine sees the desire in Gary's deep brown eyes, becoming frustrated when he won't make a move. Can two friends cross the line to become lovers?

Futures Entwined Does a former mean girl deserve a happy ever after? Heather wants a casual fling with her neighbor, but single dad Jeremy has other ideas. Can he convince her that love doesn't have to hurt or will her reservations deny them both from finding happiness?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The best fake relationship romance I've ever read!" – BookBub Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Ayla Asher writes the best book boyfriends, hands-down!" – Goodreads Reviewer

Books Included in this Bundle:

  • His Holiday Pact
  • Her Valentine Surprise
  • Her Patriotic Prince
  • Hearts Reclaimed
  • Illusions Unveiled
  • Desires Uncovered
  • Resolutions Embraced
  • Passions Fulfilled
  • Futures Entwined

Main Tropes

  • Grumpy-Sunshine
  • Fake Relationship
  • Second Chance


USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner writing as Ayla Asher

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I adore these steamy, heartfelt romances!" – BookBub Reviewer

Join three friends as they fall in love in the big city.

Love is in the air in Ardor Creek! Settle in and read the steamy romances now.


“Hello? Mr. Grillo? It’s Ashlyn Rivers. Are you here?”

Perking her ears, she heard a small clanking sound and followed it. As she navigated down the hallway, she came upon a bathroom that looked to be nearly completed. Unable to squelch the small gasp, she lifted her fingers to her lips.

Scott Grillo stood on a ladder, shirtless, arms stretched high as he maneuvered a screwdriver into one of the ceiling light fixtures. Focused with laser concentration on the task, he didn’t seem to notice her presence. Not wanting to startle him, she waited, allowing her to take in the stunning magnificence of Mr. Sexy Contractor’s chest.

Broad shoulders sat below magnificent arms with straining biceps as he fidgeted. Small rivulets of sweat dripped from his pecs, covered by springy brown hair, past his copper nipples and six-pack to the ‘V’ that led into his jeans.

Swallowing thickly, Ashlyn was overcome with lust for perhaps the first time in her thirty-three years on the planet. Yes, she’d always thought Robert attractive and had enjoyed the sex, although it certainly hadn’t been mind-blowing, but Scott Grillo took sex appeal to a whole new level. Down girl, she chided herself, flexing her fingers so the tight fists she’d formed wouldn’t cut off her circulation. Realizing she was staring like a creepy stalker, she lightly cleared her throat.

His head snapped toward her and the ladder began to wobble. Jumping into action, she rushed forward, grabbing the metal legs to still the contraption. Lifting her gaze, she observed a livid Scott Grillo glowering down at her.

“Hi,” she said cheerfully, giving him a wave. “Figured I’d track you down for that meeting.”

Firm nostrils flared as his jaw clenched. “You’re trespassing.”

She squinted one eye, trying to keep her tone light. “Yeah, probably. But I figure you’ll have to climb down to call the cops. Once I have you on solid ground, I can at least meet with you until they arrest me.”

Giving her a droll look, he sighed and climbed down the ladder. As he faced her, Ashlyn told herself not to look at his chest. His magnificently glistening chest…

“Look, lady—”

“Ashlyn,” she said, lifting her chin. “I’d prefer it if you call me Ashlyn. ‘Lady’ is a bit rude.”

Setting the screwdriver on the counter, he crossed his arms over that glorious chest and arched an eyebrow. “You’re lecturing me on rude? Do you understand that you’re breaking about seventeen laws by showing up here?”

Her features scrunched. “I think seventeen is a bit excessive. Although, I’m certainly trespassing. Sorry about that, by the way. If you give me five minutes, I promise I’ll leave you alone…until you show up to work on my house, that is.”

Those deep brown eyes darted between hers. “You really think you can convince me to take on a new job that I have absolutely no time for in five minutes flat?”

“Sure do,” she said with a nod. “Where should we negotiate. Front porch?”

With a slight eye roll, he tilted his head. “Fine.”

Responding with a glowing smile, she pivoted, hoping he’d follow her outside. Sure enough, he exited a moment later, sliding his shirt over his arms and buttoning several of the lower buttons. Bummer. Ashlyn would’ve really enjoyed seeing that chest in the waning afternoon sunlight but figured fortune had other ideas.

Still, she likely wouldn’t forget it anytime soon. Maybe she’d dream about it tonight and dig up some batteries for the vibrator she’d packed. After all, a woman had needs and that wouldn’t violate the celibacy pact she’d forced on herself after the disaster with Robert…

“Well, I think you’ve got four minutes left,” Scott said, crossing his arms as he leaned against the porch railing.

“Mr. Grillo—”

“Scott is fine.”

“Thank you,” she said with a nod. “Scott, as you might have figured out, I’m like a dog with a bone when I decide on something. I’ve decided I’d like to hire you to renovate my grandma’s home. You might have known her. Jean Rivers?”

His features softened. “Yes, I remember her. She always brought me cookies when she came into town, especially after…” Trailing off, he scowled. “Well, anyway, she was nice. I think she moved into the assisted living home in Scranton a few years ago, right? How’s she doing?”

“She passed away about a month ago.”

Compassion entered his eyes. “I’m sorry. She was a lovely woman.”

“Thank you,” Ashlyn said, feeling her throat bob. “She really was.”

Exhaling a breath, she looked out over the site before lifting her gaze to his. “I’ve moved into her home and will be renovating it in the hopes of having it added to the local haunted homes tour. Grandma Jean was convinced a ghost resided there.”

His lips curved into a soft grin. “I’ve heard the story. The woman who lived there lost her husband in World War I. It was said she wept for his return until she died of a broken heart. Her body was found in the attic in an old rocker, still swaying as she clutched her chest.”

Ashlyn couldn’t contain her smile. “Yep, that’s it. Her name was Sally Pickens and I’m going to my best to honor her story and her spirit. The house needs quite a bit of work to be eligible for the tour and I’m intent on hiring you, Scott. Your ability to design and perform construction is exactly what I need since I don’t plan on hiring an architect. I like my projects streamlined and want to hire one vendor who can meet my needs.”

His brows lifted, perhaps at the slight double entendre, and his eyes raked over her. Feeling exposed, Ashlyn refused to back down, realizing the man must be used to intimidating those he came into contact with. Gauging him to be at least six-foot-two, he dwarfed over her five-foot, five-inch frame.

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